I am a postdoc working in integrable systems at the Department of Mathematics of the University of the Algarve (Faro, Portugal) where I work in collaboration with Nenad Manojlovic. Our common research project is devoted to the study of dynamical quantum groups and related physical models (if any, we'll see about that). 

A few words about my research area for non-specialists. 

When a problem in  life can be resolved fully and without compromises, it is called a miracle. Physics and mathematics are, despite of what one might think, part of real life, thus most of the problems cannot be solved without compromises. [Don't get me wrong: this does not prevent us from sending probes on Mars or desining  cell phones with more and more superfluous functions.]

Anyhow, when a complete solution of a model or system exists (at least theoretically) in physics we say that this model is integrable.  Generally this is related to the appearence of a great deal of symmetry . And this opens the door to sophisticated mathematics. In my work I concentrate mainly on these aspects, but eventually I try to connect these structures to tangible models. Which is not obvious.

Some pictures taken at the 2006 annual cycling tour.