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P. FELISBERTO, P. SANTOS and S.M. JESUS, "Acoustic pressure and particle velocity for direction estimation of seismic arrivals", (abstract), submitted to IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering, (pdf), August 2017 .


C. CHO, H.C. SONG, P. HURSKY and S.M. JESUS, "Iterative range estimation in a sloping-bottom shallow-water waveguide using the generalized array invariant", (abstract), J. Acoustical Society of America, vol.142, No.1, pp.55-60, (pdf), June. (doi).


L.P. MAIA, A. SILVA and S.M. JESUS, "Environmental Model-Based Time-Reversal Underwater Communications", (abstract), accepted IEEE Access, (pdf), June 2017.

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A. MANTOUKA, P. FELISBERTO, P. SANTOS, F. ZABEL, M. SALEIRO, S.M. JESUS and L. SEBASTIÃO, "Development and testing of a Dual Accelerometer Vector Sensor for AUV acoustic surveys", (abstract), Sensors, Vol.17(6), pp.1328 (pdf), June 2017 (doi).

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G. ANTONELLI, F. ARRICHIELLO, A. CAFAZ, A. CAITI, G. CASALINO, N. VOLPI, I. BIELIC de JONG, D. DE PALMA, H. DUARTE, J. GOMES, J. GRIMSDALE, G. INDIVERI, S. JESUS, K. KEBKAL, E. KELHOLT, A. PASCOAL, D. POLANI, L. POLLINI, E. SIMETTI and A. TURETTA, "Widely scalable Mobile Underwater Sonar Technology: an overview of the H2020 WiMUST project", (abstract), Journal of Marine Technology Society, Vol.50(4), pp.42-53, (pdf), July 2016.

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