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S.M. JESUS, S. IJAZ and A. SILVA, "Path specific Doppler compensation in time-reversal communications", (abstract), to appear in Journal Acoust. Soc. America - Express Letters, (pdf), January 2015 .

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P. FELISBERTO, S.M. JESUS, F. ZABEL, R. SANTOS, J. SILVA, S. GOBERT, S. BEER, M. BJORK, S. MAZZUCA, G. PROACCINI, J. RUNCIE, W. CHAMPENOIS and A.V. BORGES, "Acoustic monitoring of O2 production of a seagrass meadow", (abstract), J. of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, Vol. 464, pp. 75-87, (pdf), March 2015 (doi).


A. CAITI, K. GRYTHE, J.M. HOVEM, S.M. JESUS, A. LIE, A. MUNAFÒ, T.A. REINEN, A. SILVA and F. ZABEL, ''Linking Acoustic Communications and network performance: integration and experimentation of an Underwater Acoustic Network", (abstract), IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering, Vol. 38 No.4, p.758-771, (pdf), October 2013 (doi).

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P. FELISBERTO, O. RODRÍGUEZ, P.J. SANTOS, E. EY and S.M. JESUS, ''Experimental results of underwater cooperative source localization using a single acoustic vector sensor'', (abstract), Sensors, Vol.13, Issue 7, pp.8856-8878, (pdf), July 2013, (doi).


P. SANTOS, O.C. RODRÍGUEZ, P. FELISBERTO and S.M. JESUS, "Seabed geoacoustic characterization with a vector sensor array", (abstract) Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 128, No.5, pp.2652-2663, (pdf), November, 2010 (doi).

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