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Ruben Oliveira

I am a Computer Science and Systems Engineer graduated in 2002.
I like Linux, Image Processing, driving and watching movies among other things.
Currently I'm working in a automatic system to recognize maps.
Doing some linux administration.
Working in an Linux StrongArm embedded system.
Using the micro air waves to do some wireless lan studies.
Debian Linux.
Raid 1 e 5.
NIS NFS Server
Beowulf Linux Cluster.
8 Athlon XP
Linux Phone.

I was born in 1978 and I lived in Porto, Portugal until I moved to Faro in 1995.

I have installed quite a few linux distributions on different hardware and i'm always trying to keep updated with the enormous grow of Linux. My favourite site to watch this evolution is distrowatch. I always check Linux Laptop looking for experiences in instaling linux on a laptop and i have my own tale here ASUS B1

My friend's page is at :
Filipe Tomaz   where you can see a geforce mx modified, and the dark cut project with a power H-bridge
Tiago Candeias   Won a chess game against me while programming and never looked at the table :) PhD Student
Hugo Mártires   Python and Genetic Algorithms :) Currently working in Ireland.

If you want to see some of their ugly faces check Life at the lab

These are some of my favourite links


Startux   Portuguese Linux Help
Gildot   Portuguese Slashdot
Slashdot   News and discussion
LinuxToday   Linux news
The Register   News from the IT world
Mandrake Forum   Discussion and news from a Linux distribution
Seminarios ADEEC   My University Department Seminaries
Linux Documentation   Read that Fun Manual
SecurityFocus   Security News
LinuxSecurity   Linux Security Articles
Freshmeat.net   Open Source Software Release News
SourceForge   Open Source Community
Cinema  Movie screening in Portugal
TomsHardware   Hardware Reviews
AnandTech   Hardware Reviews
HardOCP   Overclocking News
Dump/Restore  Tutorial in how to do a backup
LaTeX PT  Help to portuguese LaTeX users
Image Processing Links  Information about algorithms for IP
Guia Debian Português  Foca Linux
Honeynet Project  Learn from contests about analysing server attacks to reverse engineering rootkits

Contact : rsolivei (at) ualg (dot) pt

since December 2001 updated January 2003
Oh no another segmentation fault !