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BIOMARES - Restoration and Management of Biodiversity in the Marine Park Site Arrábida-Espichel (PTCON0010).



Main  Objectives: Management and recovery of biodiversity at the Marine Park Site Arrábida-Espichel

Habitat 1110 (Portinho da Arrábida): Restoration of the seagrass meadow by plantation. Seagrass recovery is expected to increase biodiversity in the area.

Habitat 1170 (rocky reefs): Conservation of reefs areas by preventing destruction by inadequate mooring and ilegal activities in order to prevent further losses in the habitat with highest biodiversity of the Marine Park.

Global Marine Park area and beyond: Mapping and characterizing the marine park habitats, through acquisition of information on physical seabed characteristics and both on benthic macroinvertebrate and fish assemblages along the whole marine park area. Assessment of local fisheries, species abundances, and trends.

General public outreach Sensibilisation of the stakeholders and general public to the direct and indirect benefits of restoration of the seagrass meadow and conservation of the reef habitats, and of the management of the marine park in general.


My task during this project is to follow the comercial fisheries in the Arrábida Marine Park and evaluate how the seagrass restoration is contributing to the local fisheries cathes.


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