Geralmente não estou no gabinete / Usually, I am not in the office

Prefira contatar-me através de / So, contact me by

Campus de Gambelas Edifício 9 Gabinete 2.63 / Building 9 Office 2.63 Gambelas Campus / 8005-139 Faro Portugal

TOM's ISM study tour to CRIA & others: CRIA are beyond the second campus bus stop, in the NW (see map bellow), beeing the FEUALG in the SE. Meeting point: in the classroom, on time (9,00 am), at schedulled day, as in

Para ligar dispositivos à Internet, vá aos SI da UALG / To connect devices to the Internet, please go to IT Office

Sobre mim, clique aqui / About me, please go here

Obrigado pela visita / Thanks for your visit