WSEAS 9th CSCC Multi-conference
Chair of the Special Session 1: "Computing and Learning: Architecture and Applications"

Fernandes Costa Award
Honour Mention attributed by Instituto de Informática

Jornadas do Mar 2004
First Award ex-aequo in History and Sociology (as tutor)

Revista BIT Spain, nº 147
The writer Xavier Alcalá talks about his visit at the University of Aveiro

QualidadeOnline Interview
An dialogue about Caravela Digital  humanitarian Project


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Invited Assistant Professor


University of Algarve  
Faculty of Sciences and Technology  
Department of Electronics and Informatics Engineering  
The Ualg Informatics Laboratory  


teaching & learning

    Enterprise Information Systems (Edu-blog 2007) (Edu-blog 2006) XML

    Software Engineering (Edu-blog 2006) (Edu-blog 2005) XML

    System Analysis and Design (Edu-blog 2006)

    Object-Oriented Programming (Edu-blog 2005)



:: EATIS 2007, General Conference Chairman

   May 14-17 | Universidade do Algarve | Faro, Portugal

In technical cooperation with ACM - Association for Computing Machinery and SBC - Sociedade Brasileira de Computação, the main institutional goal of EATIS is to actively promote academic collaboration between European and American continents universities. At the scientific level, the conference aims at the dissemination of knowledge and experience related to topics outlined in the main conference agendaAll papers will be published in The ACM Digital Library.

:: NOTERE 2007, Co-chair of the Workshop on Mobile Computing and Applications

The New Technologies of Distributed Systems - NOuvelles TEchnologies de la REpartition (NOTERE) is a bilingual (French/English) forum for engineers and scientists in academia, industry and government to present the recent advances and latest research result in the design, implementation, deployment, and evaluation of distributed system platforms, applications and architectures.

:: IRMA 2007, Program Committee Member

The Information Resources Management Association (IRMA) is an international professional organization dedicated to advancing the concepts and practices of information resources management in modern organizations.

:: SIEBRAP III - Brazilian Researchers Symposium in Portugal, general chair

   Dec 13-14, 2006 | Universidade de Aveiro - Portugal

:: SITI 2006, Invited Key-note Speaker

   October 5-7, 2006 | Popayan, Universidad del Calca - Colombia
   talk: Informaticidad y la Inminente Convergencia Digital (in spanish)

:: Collecter LatAm 2005, e-Government Track Chair
                                         Program Committee Member

The CollECTeR series of conferences was established to link EC research centres at nine universities in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa and to form a basis for collaborative research in Electronic Commerce. Since its inception, the CollECTeR group has grown to twenty institutions, including research centres in Great Britain, Slovenia and the United States. CollECTeR (LatAm 2005) is another initiative of this inter university research group; this third CollECTeR conference in South America is organized by the Faculty of Business Administration and the Engineering Faculty of the Universidad de Talca. The Collecter LatAm 2005 also is supported by the IEEE and by the Sociedad Chilena de Ciencia de la Computación.


 research & development

> Grants, European Programs & Latin American Projects XML

We motivate the interchange of students and researchers to create a synergic academic contribution in various R&D – Research and Development areas. If you are interested in academic mobility and you desire to participate into an European scientific program or a Latin American project, see the R&D lines below and contact us sending your curriculum vitae in attachment.

:: e-Government

This research line aims the interrelation amongst the Workflow Management System, the XML Family and its integration with Database Legacy Systems. As a rule, the main idea is to separate the workflow process logic from the application components. For that, it is suggested to use workflow process management techniques based on WfMC Reference Model, Java programming to implement the process logic, and XML for data and metadata modeling. It is suggested the implementation of some applications based on XPDL, WfMC Interfaces, XML, XML Web Services, SOAP and WSDL. It is motivated to build XML Schemas to generate XML files and to test XSL files, which may be used to format data for each possible system front-end like PDAs, third generation mobile phones and personal computers. Some NXDB - Native XML Databases systems can be used as intermediary systems to recover information based on XML and binary archives. In each application, it is discussed which platform of software components adjusts to the required solutions: the .NET or the J2EE. Finally, this R&D line is based on the open technologies above to develop Digital Libraries projects and Ubiquitous Multimedia Systems for the workflow process automation of e-government systems.

:: Institutional Repositories of Learning Objects

This R&D line aims the use of the SCORM Reference Model as a means to create skills to support the conception and development of e-Learning devices (contents and systems). It argues that the SCORM, combined with new technologies/techniques as Metadata Harvesting, XML Family, RSS, Podcasting and Feedreaders, offers a substantive approach to understanding the dissemination of Open Archives initiatives (OAI, PKP, BOAI, OAIster) and support Learning Objects Repositories (MIT Library, Univerisia Courses, etc.) in a variety of contexts. Furthermore, it hopes that understanding the underlying assumptions and theoretical constructs will not only inform researchers of a better way to design and develop CSL – Computed Supported Learning contents, but also assist in the understanding of storing, distributing, sharing and reusing of CSL contents made into different institutions. This work was initiated at IEETA in 2004 to support a Ubiquitous Computing and Learning project and now is open to receive new partners and suggested projects.

:: Ubiquitous Multimedia Web Applications

The synergy amongst Internet, Multimedia and Ubiquitous Applications promises new metaphors and paradigms in the fields of tourism, communication, e-commerce and e-learning. This R&D line is approached on Framework Web for Ubiquitous Computing, Distributed Multimedia Services, XML Web Services, Web Semantics, Grid Computing and Telematics systems.  Here, it is highlighted the necessity of a distributed platform that shows why flexibility, scalability and open source characteristic are desirable for an effective distributed solution.  The (distributed) multimedia is studied as a question that still needs to be decided, looking to a “desirable scene” for Ubiquitous Web Applications.


social development network

:: Manquelepi Network from

The constitution of the network promoted by the Intercultural Center of the City council of Sóller (Spain) works from 2004 in the advising in policies of social development and analysis of social demands transmitted by the partners. The Network Manquelepi works like an interdependent structure of organizations of governmental function like deprived maintaining a global conception on the social work. We implied in the programs the local governments, local centers of education and associations.


technical & scientific activities

:: Editorial Committee of the IEEE Latin America Transactions

:: Editorial Committee of the JTAER

:: Reviewer of the IEEE Computer Magazine

:: Member of the External Council of Ensaios e Ciência Journal

councils, commissions & consulting at UALG

:: Member of the FCT´s Scientific Council

:: Member of the Department of Electronics and Informatics Engineering's Council

:: Member of the DEEI's Scientific Commission

:: UALG Open Week 2006, chair at DEEI

:: FCT´s External Relationship, chair at DEEI


Current Researching Interests

Ubiquitous Learning and Computing

Workflow Systems, XML Family, XML Web Services

Learning Objects, SCORM, Digital Libraries

Institutional Repositories, Open Archives

e-Government, Multimedia Web Applications
, Semantic Web



Software Engineering
Distributed & Information Sytems

Telematics & Object-Oriented Systems

Learning Technology





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