Noélia Correia

[BSc, MSc, PhD]

CEOT Research Center

FCT, University of Algarve


Dep. de Engenharia Electrónica e Informática

Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia

Universidade do Algarve

Campus de Gambelas

8005-139 Faro, Portugal


Office: 2.80/Lab. 2.77 (Edifício 1)

Phone: +351 289800905 ext: 7539/7755


Currently Lecturing

Computer Networks I (BSc)
This course focus on computer networks fundamentals. Due to the enormous and complex nature of this field, involving many concepts, protocols and technologies, a top-down layered approach is followed that starts at the application layer, focusing on popular application to get student's attention, and then goes into details so that students learn how network applications, having different requirements, are able to communicate.
Network Modeling (MSc)
The goal of this course is to develop mathematical models, and apply optimization techniques, to solve network design problems so that performance can be improved and costs minimized. Specific technologies will be analysed. Current slides available: