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Vision Laboratory
Faculdade de Ciência e Tecnologia
University of Algarve
Faro - Portugal


Contact Information

Luís Santos, PhD Student
E-mail -
Work Phone Number - (+351) 289 800900 ext. 7751
Work Fax Number - (+351) 289 818560
Nationality - Portuguese
Reviwer of the periodic Journal "Electronic Letters on Computer Vision and Image Analysis"
IEEE member number - 41413817


  • Electronics and Computer Science Engineering degree, University of Algarve, Portugal, 1999.

  • Computer Science and Management degree, High School, Loulé Portugal, 1994.


Professional Affiliations


  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

  • IEEE Computer Society.

  • British Machine Vision Association.

  • ADA Europe.

  • ADA UK.

Technical Committees

  • Internet.

  • Real-Time Systems.

  • Software Engineering.

Task Forces

  • Information Technology for Business Applications.


Selected Publications

[1] Bayer, M., Bunke, H., Ciobanu, A., Cirimele, V., Cristobal, G., du
Buf, H., Fischer, S., Juggins, S., Ludes, B., Mann, D.G., Pech-Pacheco, J.L., Pullan, M., Roerdink, J.B.T.M., Santos, L., and Wilkinson, M.H.F. (2000)  ADIAC: Using computer vision technology for automatic diatom identification. In: Proceedings of the 16th International Diatom Symposium, Athens, Greece, August 25-27. Download

[2] Santos, L. and du Buf, H. (2000) Diatom identification by Syntactical Scale-Space Features and Fuzzy Classification. ADIAC second annual report, Jul. 10-13. Download

[3] Santos, L. and du Buf, H. (2001) Diatom identification by psychophysical models of human vision.ADIAC third annual report, Apr. 16-18.

[4] Santos, L. and du Buf, H. (2001) Improved grating and bar cell models in diatom analysis. J. Image and Vision Computing (submitted). Download

[5] Santos, L. and du Buf, H. (2001) Computational Grating and Bar Cell models. Proc. of the 7th neural computation and psychology workshop, Brighton, Sep. 17-19. Download

[6] Bayer, M., Ciobanu, A., Santos, L., du Buf, H., Fischer, S., Bunke, H., Shahbazkia, H. and Mann., D. (2001) Automatic identification of morphologically similar demes of the diatom Sellaphora pupula using digital images. (In preparation).

[7] Santos, L. and du Buf, H. (2001) Progress in Automatic Diatom Identification. World Scientific, (Hans du B. and Micha B. Eds.) Singapore. Chapter 10. Download

[8] J.M.H. du Buf, M.M. Bayer, H. Bunke, A. Ciobanu, G. Cristóbal, S. Fischer, J. Hurlimann, A. Jalba, S. Juggins, M.G. Kelly, R.E. Loke, B. Ludes, D.G. Mann, J.L. Pech-Pacheco, J.B.T.M. Roerdink, L. Santos, H. Shahbazkia, R.L. Telford, E.R. Urbach, M.A. Westenberg and M.H.F. Wilkinson (2001) Automatic diatom analysis: from slide scanning to identification. (in prep.).

[9] Oliveira, R., Candeias, T., Santos, L. and Shahbazkia, H. (2002) Gabor filters optimized by simple Simulated Annealing. Proc. of RECPAD. Download

[10] Santos, L.M., du Buf, H. (2002) Higher level stimuli detection by cortical bar cells. Proc. of 12th RECPAD. Download

[11] Oliveira, R., Candeias, T., Santos, L.M., Shahbazkia, H. (2002)
Wheighted Morphometric Classification of Diatoms. Proc. of 12th RECPAD. Download

[12] Santos, L.M., du Buf, H. (2002) Vision-Inspired Wavelet-based contour and texture mehtods in diatom recognition. J. Elect. Letters on Comp. Vision and Image Analysis (submitted). Download

[13] Santos, L.M., (2002) Evolutionary Computation in Ada95: A Genetic Algorithm approach. Ada Users Journal, (in press). Download Source Code

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