grd|map project

This tool is an interface to both mapproject and grdproject. It uses a mex version of these programs and its use should be so simple that no help is needed (well, for users that know what they are doing). GMT4 introduced datum conversions in mapproject (but not in grdproject) and shifts that allow conversion between the plethora of projection systems used all over the world. In Mirone I coded only the Portuguese systems. I hope in this way to contribute to end the "state top secrete" issue that seems to exist around this matter (if you are Portuguese and need to do coordinate conversions from/to national systems I'm sure you understand what I mean). For other countries, I still need to invent a way to allow them to define their projection systems. Overall, this tool frees GMT users from the need to provide a correct -R (potentially particular hard to know in advance in inverse transformations), and prevented many users (me included) to be able to use grdproject.

Note: within the grid projection available when the user hit the Grid Conversions tab, or used the GMT->grdproject path, changing the grids x & y grid step is only possible after having done one first conversion. The reason is that before a first conversion we dont know yet the parameters of the projected grid.

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