gmtedit was an old GMT program from the time of version 2 that used to run only in Sun stations with the openview OS. Most of you dont even know what Im talking about. However, it was a very useful program to view and edit the MGD77+ netCDF and the older .gmt files created and manipulated by the GMT supplements MGD77 and mgg. If you still dont know what Im referring to probably the best is to jump ahead. Well because I needed it I decided to resuscitate gmtedit. I dont show a picture of it here because it occupies the whole screen. Its use is very easy. Load a MGD77+ or a .gmt file and click on the points that you decide are outliers. They will turn red (bad points). Another click will make them green (good points) again. The first rectangle icon allows doing this selection by area. The second only applies to the magnetic channel and permits to move the points by dragging the rectangle. At the end save the edited file. Red marked points will be replaced by the no-data-value.

Since the new MGD77+ format allows storing of a larger (and variable, due to its netCDF nature) number of variables, the gmtedit program has a mechanism to allow controlling which variable is plotted in each axes (there can be more than one). Interested users should consult the “OPTcontrol.txt” file located in $MIRONEROOT\data directory and follow instructions explained there.

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