X,Y grapher

Calls the X,Y tool in a empty mode. Use this if you want to load one or several x,y files. For multi-column files an auxiliary window will popup to help selecting which columns to display. Otherwise this tool is automatically called for example when extracting a grid profile. When the coordinates are geographic and option check box allows plotting distances in Cartesian coordinates.

When displaying extracted profiles, the link icon is very convenient to know where on grid is located a certain point on the profile. Just click the on the profile and a red marker will be plotted, as well as black dot on the corresponding grid position.

The icon with the line allows, by click-and-drag on the graph window, to calculate the slope dynamically. If it happens that the profile represents a magnetic anomaly, then an estimation of the depth to the source is carried on using the Spector & Grant method.

The icon with the rectangle (which is used to draw a rectangle) restricts the analysis to a limited X interval. This is useful when, for example after downloading tide gauge data, spectral analysis is performed. The “Analysis” menu offers several traditional methods to do quick time series processing as shown in the side image.

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