Tsunami Travel Time

Computes the tsunami travel time according to equation v = sqrt(gH), where g is the gravity acceleration and H is the water column depth. To use it, first plot the source location (note: you can give it an exact location), than right click on the source symbol and select Compute. That's all, depending on your grid size the result will appear immediately or wait a bit.

Alternatively you can load a file with x y time records (one per line) using the Import maregraphs and time option. Here the x y time represent, respectively, the coordinates and time of arrival at the tide gauge stations. The Compute will compute the tsunami source location using a least squares estimation of the backward ray-tracing time. Pay particular attention that none of your tide gauges is on land (that is, its depth must always be negative), otherwise the result is NaNs (NaN = Not a Number) and the shown image is all white.

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