Tide Stations

This will plot the tidal stations of the t_xtide.mat file that resides in the “data” directory. Once the tidal stations are plotted in your base figure, right clicking gives access to either the station info (name, location, nº of harmonic coefficients, etc) or to the “Plot Tides” option. This will open a new window showing the tides for a period of two days more or less centered in the current date. This window mimics the original WXtide program but does not offer all the possibilities of the original program (no tide calendar, etc). The t_xtide.mat file was converted from the harmonics file contained in WXtide (version 2.6) using the t_xtide.m code of the “tides” toolbox (Pawlowicz et al., Computers and Geosciences, 28 (2002), 929-937). In fact most of the computing code of this tool was adapted from t_xtide. Users that interested on knowing more about the harmonics used in this program are directed to the WXtide (just search for it on the web) help files. You will also find there instructions on how to compute new harmonics files (if you have the data for doing it). WXtide comes with more harmonics files. In case that you are interested to use one of them instead of the one provided here, use “Harmonics to mat file” option to generate a new t_xtide.mat and replace it by the original one.

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