Shape detector

This tool can be used just for painting, in which case it works like the Paint Brush tool presented right below or in a much powerful mode: Color Segmentation. For the floodfill painting, every left-click paints a group of connected pixels. (See below the 'connectivity' and 'tolerance'). A right click stops the painting.

For all other operations a left-click starts the painting, which continues for every mouse movement and stops with any mouse click.

The second mode in which this tool is more unique is in doing color segmentation or automatic digitalization. With color segmentation one can extract a single object in the image or all objects that share the same color +/- half the tolerance selected with the Tolerance slider. To select either one or the other use the indicated push buttons. The object selection is achieved with one left-click over the area of interest. Right after a new image will show up with the selected object and its exteriors in black.

The Digitize radio button selects the digitalization mode. Now instead of extracting an object from the image we are going to find its border limits that will be overlaid as a vector which can be saved in a file in the normal way. The Use Dilation checkbox indicates that the dilation morphological operation is applied before the limits detection. This normally increases the quality of the digitalization, but you can try without it.

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