Save as Fledermaus object

Grids (with whatever they contain) may be saved as .sd IVS objects. These objects may be viewed with the iview3d free Fledermaus viewer. Fledermaus is a fantastic 3D software (probably the best) and has a free viewer that can be downloaded from If you have it installed you can either use this option to create a .sd file and separately run it with the viewer or click the icon "eye" in the Tool bar which will do both (but not save the .sd file). Note that large grids produce large .sd files so if you do not have that much RAM (or you want to save the .sd for later use) it may be better to use this save option.

There are two types of Fleder files and their labels are quite obvious for what they mean: Spherical Fledermaus Obj and Planar Fledermaus Obj

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