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Saves the current display image into one of the common image formats (e.g. jpg, tiff, bmp, etc...) and less common such GeoTiff, Erdas Imagine, Envi .hdr Labeled, ESRI .hdr Labeled and JPEG2000. It is also possible to save a “world file” using the “Save .tfw file” option. World files are simple ways of linearly geo-referencing an image. They consist of 6-line ASCII file such as







These are the 6 coefficients of a three-by-three transformation matrix. They indicate that a pixel is 2.4384 meters square, and that the center of the upper left pixel has an easting (x coordinate) of 441794.4342 and a northing of 5094101.4520. For fans of the matrix:

x = 2.4384 * column + 0.0 * row + 441794.4342

y = (-2.4384) * row + 0.0 * column + 5094101.4520

The second and third values are zero because there is no rotation or skew. The convention is that a world file is named by jamming a w into the extension. For example, o47122d3.jpg might have a o47122d3.jgw file and o47122d3.tif might have a o47122d3.tfw file.

Be aware that with this option, graphic elements (e.g. lines) are not saved. Only the image is (but see Export).

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