Save GMT script

cshel or dos batch files generation. In this window it is possible to fine tuning the map details like its size and position on the page as well as the map projection. This tool searches systematically all elements and guesses how they where produced. It than decides what is the best way to reproduce the display using only GMT commands. For example, if the image displayed derives from a GMT grid and it was illuminated with the shading method used by grdgradient the script lines will generate an illumination grid from the original GMT grid and use grdimage with the I option. If that is not the case then a screen capture is executed and the image saved as three R,G,B grids. Those three grids are than utilized by grdimage to rebuild a color image. Line elements are written on disk and lately used by psxy. However, coastlines, national borders and rivers or contour lines are not saved. Instead, appropriate calls to pscoast or grdcontour are insert into the script. To change the map size, double click over the rectangle and that click and drag. Every time you edit the rectangle is necessary to hit the “Update” button. The script (or the batch file) and the eventual auxiliary files are written into the directory declared bellow the Map projection settings. The script (or batch file) is abundantly commented which makes it easy to educated GMT users to change it further if they are not fully satisfied with the code generated result. To run it, just cd to the directory it was saved and type its name.

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