Save As 3 GMT grids (R,G,B)

Decompose the color image into 3 components, Red, Green & Blue and save each of these components into a GMT grid file. The output name is used as a template to which the _r, _g & _b strings are appended in order to identify the individual color components. This option is extremely useful with GMT4 version, for it will allow transforming any image into GMT grids. You can than (for example) drape satellite images over DTMs, use the alternate illumination algorithms, etc... There are two options on how to save. Image only will save only the image and ignore all graphic elements that may exist in the figure. It will also create grids that have the same number of rows and columns as the original file (be it a grid or an image). Screen capture saves the image, and all existing graphic elements, by doing a screen capture.

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