SRTM tools

With the SRTM mosaic tool you can draw a rectangle and select an interest region. Right click on the rectangle and choose mesh. This will draw yellow quadrangles corresponding to possible SRTM tiles. Now a mouse click on each individual square will search on the previously selected working directory for existing SRTM files (that may be .zip or .gz). If the matching file does exist the square will turn red, if it does not a warning message is displayed during a second and the square will return to yellow. Note, “mosaicing” is only possible with SRTM1 and 3 arc seconds files. However, this tool is also handy for loading SRTM30+ files where it provides a nice graphical way of selecting the tile of interest. The find holes option will automatically detect regions of no data values (holes) and draw rectangles around them. Right click on those rectangles and select the options under crop tools to fill the holes. At the end the processed file may be saved back into the SRTM format. Note, saving back to SRTM is possible only for the 3 arc seconds files.

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