-- Reproject --

Under this menu the user can select to try to do a projection change using GMTs grdproject already presented above (see Geographic computator), or to try it with GDAL machinery. Note there are two similar entries to the GMT projection tool because one of them is hidden when the file loaded is not a grid. I said “try” because both of them are not entirely stable and may either crash or result in idiot solutions. This latter case is typical of GDAL warping of global grids. Unfortunately, GDAL is quite bugged in this case but developers dont seem to care much about it. The syntax used but by this tool follow the proj4 rules. Templates for the most known projections are provided via the Projections popup menu, but its up to the user to fill in with the correct projection parameters. If the input grid had metadata describing its projection, this will be pasted into the Source Referencing System edit field.

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