Upon start the user is presented with Mirone in its basic form which is a simple bar with menus only. Activities are initiated by using those menus. Although Mirone comes with pre-defined defaults it is very important that the user understand what they mean and do. The first time the program is used the user is strongly advised to hit the button with hammers icon. That opens the preferences window. The meanings of those settings are as follow:

The grid/image type of coordinates. Select Geographic (default) if you are working with a grid whose coordinates are longitude and latitude. Select Cartesian otherwise. This is an important setting because some operations, like measuring, depend on knowing if we are dealing with geographic or Cartesian coordinates. When a grid is read, Mirone tries to guess what coordinates it has and although it guesses correctly most of times, it may fail.

On the second tab Fledermaus one selects the behavior when creating Fledermaus objects by clicking one eye icon of the Mirone bar. As mentioned in Save as Fledermaus object, we can choose between planar or spherical objects (useful to visualize global grids). The other options under How to deal with vectors control if line elements are transferred as vectors, in which case they have an altitude attribute that allows them to intersect the surface, of if they are rasterized into the image.

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