Open Grid/Image

By default Mirone automatically detects and reads the large majority of the formats that it recognizes. However, you may need to specifically instruct it to read a particular format. For that select the type of file you want to open from the available options. Those options are a large subset of the GDAL supported formats. Excluded from GDAL formats are those that deal with satellite images (they are complicated to manipulate and potentially very big). It is also possible to read MOLA (Mars grids) files. Surfer 6 and 7 binary grids are detected automatically. Inside the Digital Elevation you will find DTED, GTOPO30, GeoTIFF DEM, MOLA DEM, SRTM 1, 3 & 30, USGS DEM, USGS SDTS DEM. The Generic Formats are the common image formats (png, jpeg, tiff, etc)

Images with a .raw or .bin extension accessible via the Images->Generic Formats input dialog have a special interface to load them. It is assumed that files of this type are raw binary, eventual multi-band, file formats. By raw we mean an image file without any header information on its, contents, size, etc On those cases it is the user responsibility to provide the missing information and we do that using the interface below. Each edit box has its own tooltip help that displays when pointed with the cursor.

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