Indexed only

Another tool to perform image enhancements but that works only with gray or indexed color images.

This tool enables you to explore the effects of adjusting intensity values and applying gamma correction to images. It also enables you to perform histogram equalization, which modifies the image so that its histogram is approximately flat. The tool displays the histograms of the original and modified images.

When you select "Histogram Equalization", the histogram of the original image is equalized and the resulting image and histogram are displayed. The intensity transformation calculated in the equalization routine is shown in the transformation axes. The x-axis represents input pixel intensity and the y-axis represents output pixel intensity.

When you select "Intensity Adjustment", a number of other controls appear. These controls enable you to increase and decrease the brightness, contrast, and gamma correction.  You can specify gamma explicitly using the edit box under the transformation axes.  You can also make any adjustment you want directly using the controls on the transformation curve.  The red and green control points directly set the parameters which are passed to the IMADJUST command.  The yellow point enables you to graphically adjust gamma.  Click on the blue line and drag it to move all of the control points simultaneously.

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