Import scaled symbols

Prompts for a filename of three or more columns file. The number of columns (again, minimum is 3) the plot result. With 3 cols, the third is used to attribute symbol color. That is done by scaling Z values to the current colormap. Symbol type and size is selected in the next figure. If the file has four columns, fourth column contains symbol size in points. If 7 columns than column 5-to-7 should contain the RGB color in the interval [0 255] or normalized [0 1].

One other manner of controlling the symbol plotting is to use multi-segment files and the W, -G and S option switches after the > character. G, -W and S determines the fill color and outline type in a similar (although not so extent) way as the corresponding switch of GMTs psxy program.

-G Select color for filling the symbol. Specify the grey shade (0255) or color (r/g/b, each in range 0255). Example G255/0/0 fill with red.

-W Set pen attributes for lines. Valid options are -W1,38/130/255 -W3 or -W100/255/255. If omitted, line thickness is 1 point. If omitted, line color is the default line color.

-S Select among '+o*xsd^v><ph' MATLAB code for symbols. For example Sv plots inverted triangles.

If you select this from a Mirone window with a previously loaded grid/image, country plots will be clipped to the region delimited by the image with an automatic map projection if necessary. If, however, you call it from within an empty Mirone figure, data BoundingBox is used to create a background region image to hold the data limits.

You can also load a file that is a text file list. That is, a file that has the full name of a data file, one per line.

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