Import *.gmt/.nc file(s)

A .gmt file is handy format to store the Gravity, Magnetics, Topography data contained in the mgd77 exchange format file provided by NGDC. Read the GMT mgg supplement manuals to learn more about the format and how to create .gmt files. This format, however, has several limitations and is supersede by the new MGD77+ netCDF format. Both formats are readable by the gmtedit tool.

These options let you import either one MGD77+ (or gmt) file or a list of files. The list of files is a simple ASCII file with the full path of each MGD77+ file, one per line. Once read, the files appear as tracks in the figure. Right-clicking gives the line info as provided by the GMT program gmtinfo. And more, one may select to view the file with gmtedit. And even more, the chunk of data initially displayed in gmtedit corresponds closely to the geographical position where the mouse clicking was executed. Isnt that fantastic?

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