Image Color Editor

The ICE color editor is a modification of a tool with same name that comes with the Digital Image Processing Using Matlab book. It has been modified in order to allow interactive selection of the color model and by replacing many chunks of MATLAB code by equivalent OpenCV MEX calls, resulting in a dramatic speed improvement. It transforms an image's color components based on interactively specified mapping functions. The input is the current image, which can be an RGB or monochrome image to be transformed by interactively specified mappings.

ICE displays one popup menu selectable mapping function at a time. Each image component is mapped by a dedicated curve (e.g., R, G, or B) and then by an all-component curve (e.g., RGB). Each curve's control points are depicted as circles that can be moved, added, or deleted with a two- or three-button mouse:

Mouse Button    Editing Operation

------------    -----------------------------------------------

Left                Move control point by pressing and dragging.

Middle                Add and position a control point by pressing

and dragging. (Optionally Shift-Left)

Right                Delete a control point. (Optionally Control-Left)

Checkboxes determine how mapping functions are computed, whether the input image and reference pseudo- and full-color bars are mapped, and the displayed reference curve information (e.g., PDF):

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