This sub-menu provides alternate schemas to do image illumination. A window tool allows selection of inclination and azimuth of the light source. Among the available options, the False Color lets you illuminate a GMT grid along three different directions and compose the final image with each illuminated direction in the three-color channels (R, G and B). This is useful for enhancing structures perpendicular to each of the selected direction. Algorithms 1 4 are the same as the ones used in the GMT program grdgradient. Illumination type 4 has an inherent scale factor that is computed from data and for which there is currently no user side control. Due to this, the illumination is sometimes “exaggerated” and not so nice.  Other times, however, it provides the best effect illumination of all available options. Anaglyph - Produces an image that, when seen with red-blue glasses, gives a 3D perception view. It might take a little while for large grids since all computations are done with pure MATLAB code.

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