IGRF calculator

Calls the IGRF calculator tool where you can compute the value of the total magnetic field (or its components) on a given point, generate a grid of regularly spaced magnetic quantities or read a file with at least lat, long positions. When used to import a file, a new window pops up where you select which data column means what. You have here the possibility to choose to compute the magnetic anomaly (measured total field - IGRF magnitude). Computing magnetic anomaly requires knowing the date of measuring. The reading file function has the ability to decode many date formats (that's why it may be a bit slow to read large files) including text formats. Hit the "?" button for help in text date formats. The IGRF model used is the 10th generation IGRF as agreed in December 2004 by IAGA Working Group V-MOD. It is valid 1900.0 to 2015.0 inclusive. Values for dates from 1945.0 to 2000.0 inclusive are definitive, otherwise they are non-definitive.

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