Extract Profile

Left clicks will plot a polyline, a right click remove the last entered point, double click to stop. As result a new window will pop up with an  x,y plot containing the profile extracted from the grid along the drawn track. This corresponds to an interactive version of the grdtrack GMT program. The profile thus obtained can be saved to disk. Note that the x,y profile coordinates are obtained from linear interpolation and by consequence on geographic grids they may differ reasonably from the great circle arcs that reflect the shortest distance on a sphere between the end points. Note, this is crude and poorly controlled way of doing the profiling operation. The best way is to draw a line or polyline on the image. Calmly decide on its position and then inquire its properties (by a right-click on the rectangle borders) for “Extract Profile”. A second mode to do the grid profiling is the “Dynamic” mode. Here, the profiling is done each time the user moves the mouse and the resulting curve is overlayed on the image. A double-click ends the dynamic profiling.

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