Euler rotations

Rotating magnetic isochrones or creating flow lines is very easily accomplished using this tool. Any line element, either drawn or imported from an ascii file, or point symbol may be rotated using either a stage pole file like the ones described in the Rally Plater tool or using a finite rotation pole. For selecting a line or point do a single left-click on it. The selected element will than show red stars in its vertices. Next, right-click on any free zone of the image to confirm the selection (the red stars will disappear). When used to do rotations with stage poles it is also necessary to provide an age file which determines the ages at which the rotation is computed. For each entry of that age file (displayed in the windows listbox) a new rotated line is plotted in Mirone main window. The “Magnetic Bar Code” button provides an easy way to select an age sequence using the geomagnetic polarity scale as reference. For using it one has to double-click over the period bars. A marker, as well as new window with its age will show up.  Insert as many age markers as wanted and drag them to fine adjust the wanted time.

If a single point was selected (using the “Pick line from figure” button) instead of a line/polyline, than a single flow line is plotted. In the “Add poles” tab the user may compute the pole that results from a combination of two finite rotations.

With this tool you can also add or interpolate poles. Pay attention to the tooltips.

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