Use this tool to build a 3D netCDF grid from a pack of other grids. The list of grids is provided in the form of an ASCII file list that is loaded through the first edit box (or browse for it). HDF files with SST or Chlorophyll from NOAA satellites were the main targets of this tool, but one can use any other of the Mirone recognized formats. The 3D packed file can alternatively be save in one of VTK varieties and loded after on 3D viewers like the ParaView. The grids list file must contain the relative or full filename in the first column and, optionally, a second column with a number that will be used as the layer (in the 3D file) number. If not provided, layers are numbered from 1 to n grids. If the first character on the grid list (1st column) is the @ than the loading is paused with a message taken from whatever follows the @. Use this if you are composing from files located on DVDs. Example, the line @ put cd 2 stops the file stacking and lets you change DVDs.

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