Draw Euler trapezium

This a special tool to fast compute an Euler pole using the so called Bonin method. It works in the following way. You draw a trapezium (in much the same way as you draw a closed polygon). Then right click on it and select “Compute Euler Pole”, the result will appear either on the ML command window or in the DOS window if you are running the stand-alone version. Now what it does. First and second points define side A, third and fourth the side B. The side A is rotated to fit over side B. This involves two separate rotations. The first rotation brings points 1 and 4 together. A second rotation is than performed, about the now coinciding points 1 and 4, by the angle defined by the first line segment (the one that originally made up by points 1 and 2) AFTER the first rotation and the second line segment (original points 3 and 4). The result is the combination of the two rotations. Though it is a crude method, it sometimes gives very good results. If you dont know what Im talking about, just forget this option. If, on the other hand you do, you can thank me.

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