Direct data loading

Within the MATLAB version one can use Mirone as an advantageous replacement of the ML image or imshow functions. This can be done using one of the three following modes:

  1. mirone  file_name        (this works with many different formats, as long as it possible to find out what is in "file_name")
  2. mirone(Z)                Where Z is an array of any data type. Uint8 or logical arrays are treated as images. Upper types (e.g. Int16, single, doubles) are scaled to uint8 to derive and image and the underlying data is stored in memory to be accessed when needed.
  3. mirone(Z, struc)        Z as above and "struc" is a structure with coordinates information. The "struc" structure has optional and mandatory fields. Bellow is a description of those fields and what they should contain depending the cases of use.

       OPTIONAL fields

       (Related Note, the ogrproj MEX file lets you convert a Proj4 projection string into a WKT string example:

       strWKT = ogrproj('+proj=merc')


       [x_min x_max y_min y_max z_min z_max 0 x_inc y_inc];

       The zero (7th element) indicates that grid registration is used.

  1. The input array is of type uint8 and contains an image, than:

                       struc.X = [x_min x_max]

                       struc.Y = [y_min y_max]

  1. The input array is of type int16 or float (single or double), than:

                       struc.X = linspace(x_min, x_max, n_columns)

                       struc.Y = linspace(y_min, y_max, n_rows)


                       Where [n_rows, n_columns] = size(Z);

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