Change Palette

Opens a window tool from where you can select between more than 100 color tables. Every selection takes place immediately. Every time that a new color scheme is selected the base image is automatically updated. Furthermore, all palettes may be changed by a double click over the color bar. That inserts color markers. Drag these markers to modify the color map. A second double click deletes the marker. 'The Min

Z and Max Z fields may be used to impose a fixed color map between those values. The Logaritmize check box converts between linear (default) and natural logarithm color maps. External GMT color palettes may also be imported or exported via the File menu. Note: If you have previously drawn contours into your image, you can easily fit the colors with the contours.

The Thematic group hosts dedicated palettes for specific displays. Namely, for magnetic anomalies, separation of bathymetry and topography, for bathymetry or topography only.

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