This tool is at a rudimentary stage but it works ok. The GMT coastlines are built in such a way that they dont allow plotting individual countries. I built up a new (simple) database made by countries defined individually and wrote a C program to read it. You may select a country or a whole continent. If a base Mirone window exists than the country as a patch is added to it, otherwise a new area is created to receive that country. Now countries may be attributed properties accessible by a right-click. However, I found out another very unpleasant MATLAB feature. Attributing properties using uicontexts (thats the technical description) is VERY VERY memory consuming. To give you an idea the whole world at the maximum resolution swallowed me more than 500 Mb of RAM. Meanwhile I reduced the number of uicontexts but it still consumes about 200 Mb for the whole world (can we believe that?). And more, killing the figure may take more than 30 seconds (these ML guys…). So, think twice before checking the “Provide controls to polygons” option if you are loading many countries (but for a small number you do not notice this). Bonus, the “Write GMT script” option knows how to deal with these data a will make a nice GMT ps figure.

If you select this from a Mirone window with a previously loaded grid/image, country plots will be clipped to the region delimited by the image with an automatic map projection if necessary. If, however, you call it from within an empty Mirone figure, data BoundingBox is used to create a background region image to hold the selected plotting countries.

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