Aquamoto Viewer

This is a large beast tool. On total it has a comparable number of code lines as Mirone itself. Originally its purpose was a specialized tool to visualize a particular netCDF format file produced by the Australian tsunami modeling software ANUGA, the .sww files. Since the .sww format in not in the form of a regular grid (it is a triangulation mesh) a linear interpolation is carried out in order to prepare data for viewing.

However, a more common usefulness of this tool is to use it as a generic netCDF viewer and manipulation tool for 3D netCDF grids. Viewing a particular slice in the grid is easily accomplished with the slider control. “Vertical” interpolations or movie maker are equally doable as well as all of Mirone options.

The last tab “Plug” displays one single large square pushbutton with the label “Run Plugin function”. That button calls the aquaPlugin.m file that sits in the utils subdirectory. The intention is to execute specialized user defined routines. The current content of this file is directed towards satellite (SST and chlorophyll) computations.

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