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September  2005, Joaquim Luis



My main research interest is still about the broad sense Açorean area. You may find here some data of that region.

Lourenço, N, J. M. Miranda, J. F. Luis, A. Ribeiro, L.A. Mendes Victor, Madeira, J & H. D. Needham. Morpho-tectonic analysis of the Azores Volcanic Plateau from a new bathymetric compilation of the area, Marine Geophys Res, 20, 141-156, 1999.

  • And  a fancy oblique view of the Açores  Plateau bathymetry with a personal minimal tectonic interpretation overlay (click to enlarge).

  • Animated gif of the seismicity over the 2000-2005 period. Note that the heigh bars are not entirely proportional to the number of events. Recently the central S. Miguel island has displayed such a high number of events that I was forced to clip the corresponding bar to an upper threshold value in order to let the other bars still be visible. It is my personal believe that something volcanic is going on out there.

  • São Miguel seismicity for the 2003-2005 (well < half 2005) period (source:

But you can see much more here

  • A nice 3d view of the S. Miguel island (other islans will follow)