Antioxidant And Phenolic Compounds In Sweet Potato Peels and Leaves: Food Applications And Health Benefits


Ana Anastácio (PhD Student)


Design of Microencapsulated Arbutus unedo leaves, fruits and flowers by Spray Drying for Supplements and Functional Foods


Ricardo Nunes (PhD Student)




Rathinam Raja (Pos Doc Student)



Research work on sweet potato at the FSLab is focused on the valorisation of its wastes, as peels and leaves, into antioxidant functional ingredients and foods. New types of food products with several health-promoting functions in humans based on sweet potato...


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The work being developed at the FSLAB is focused on the study of the Arbutus unedo tree products. This tree fruits are used in Portugal to produce alcoholic beverages, jams and other traditional products and some medicinal properties are attributed to its leaves...


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During March to May 2013, samples were collected from the solar ponds and salty marshes. These samples were viewed under laboratory microscope to check the presence of any algal species. De Walne’s medium is used to grow Dunaliella sp under laboratory...


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Screening of a group of selected Indigenous plants species of Portugal and Iran for potential health benefits and identification of their bioactive compounds profile


Vahid Farzaneh (PhD Student)



Alzheimer’s disease: The in vitro screening for cholinesterase inhibition and antioxidant activity of five plants from Algarve


Eva Fortunato (Master Student)



Antioxidant and Antidiabetic activities of seven plants in Algarve: How temperature influences the extraction of phytochemical compounds


Daniela Lourenço (Master Student)



Today discovering of natural products for the treatment of different chronic and acute diseases has been attracted much more attention. In this regard identification of the most potent plants species revealing substantial health potentials has been investigated...


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Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is known to be associated with acetylcholine deficit in the brains of AD’s patients and also with oxidative stress in senile plaques formed. Recent studies had shown that the source of natural acetylcholines-terase (AChE)...


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Nowadays it is well known the properties of phytochemical compounds which have beneficial effects on human health, preventing oxidative stress and might treat wide range of ailments. These compounds can be found in most of the medicinal plants...


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