Presentations at Conferences:

Best paper award in the 2015 E-MRS Spring Meeting Symposium, Biosensor systems for in vitro diagnostic applications.

Presented at Material’s Days, University of Rostock, 4-5 June (2015) (Invited).

Presented at the 10th Spanish Conference on Electron Devices, Aranjuez, February, 2015

Presented at the 10th International thin-film transistor conference (ITC 2014), Delft, Netherlands.

Presented at: E-MRS (Symposium L- Novel Functional Materials and Nanostrructures for inovative non-volatile memory devices).

Presented at the 2012 MRS Spring Meeting, April 9 - April 13, San Francisco, California

Presented at the 8th international thin film transistor conference 30-31 January, 2012, Lisboa, Portugal.