Welcome   to  the  Plant  virology  lab

at MeditBio, University of Algarve.

The plant virology laboratory under the supervision of Prof. Gustavo Nolasco conducts research in molecular plant virology and related aspects of phytopathology, in Mediterranean crops,  supporting  also post-graduate programs.

The research activities are have been focused in:

  • Development of biomolecular methods for diagnosis and typing.
  • Molecular epidemiology and evolution of plant viruses.
  •  Virus - host relationship and pathogenesis. The role of silencing suppressors.
  • Biological control of fungi and bacteria through modified plant viruses. Next generation pesticides?
  • Use of plant virus as protein expression platforms.
  • Use of plant viruses and agriculture by-products for metallic nanoparticle synthesis
  • Studying iron absorption through ferric chelate reductase VIGS.
  • Transiently expressed viral silencing suppressors for increasing essential oil production in aromatic plants

Recent Phd  Thesis and MsC dissertations

Angela Costa. 2014. Characterizing the P20 and P23 suppressors of Citrus tristeza virus and assessment of the possibility of their inhibition. PhD thesis (waiting for discussion).

Paulo Gouveia. 2013. Molecular etiology of grapevine leafroll disease. The role of the viral silencing suppressors. PhD thesis, UAlg.

Gonçalo Silva. 2011. Phylodynamics of Citrus tristeza virus. Molecular epidemiology and evolutionary biology. PhD thesis, UAlg.


Varanda, CMR, Machado, M, Martel, P, Nolasco, G, Clara, MIE,  Félix, MRF. 2014. Genetic Diversity of the Coat Protein of Olive Mild Mosaic Virus (OMMV) and Tobacco Necrosis Virus D (TNV-D) Isolates and Its Structural Implications. PLOS one. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0110941

Costa, A, Marques, N., Nolasco, G. 2014. Citrus tristeza virus p23 may suppress systemic silencing but is not rlated to the kind of viralsyndrome.  Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology 87:69-75. DOI: 10.1016/j.pmpp.2014.07.002