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Welcome to my personal home page located in the University of Algarve, Portugal.

I am a PhD student working on the project "From detection to automatic recognition of faces in color images", Professor Hamid Shahbashkia is my supervisor. More can be found in the face detection and recognition page.

My complete name is Filipe António Gonçalves Tomaz, born in 1978, Faro, Portugal in the 13th of June.

Presently I have two completely professional different interests in life: my PhD studies and CNC metal manufacturing. In the end, both use common work knowledge since the metal manufacturing uses a computer as the controller. Also, part of the software that runs the machine was done using the same tools that I use for the PhD project. I worked about two years in a project called DarkCut, a CNC cutting system for sheets of metal. I made a prototype that did not worked as expected, but the second machine is now functional and working. More about this machine can be found in the DarkCut page.

Technical knowledge:

  • Programming languages: C, C++, Python, Visual C, Visual Basic, HTML, XML, PHP, Prolog (artificial intelligence) and SQL.
  • Interest in developing graphical applications (GUI) using QT (Trolltech), for OS Linux or Windows.
  • Preferred programming languages: C++ and Python.
  • Web developing.
  • General issues: Windows and Linux. Easy adaptation to other programming languages.
  • Actual investigation interests:

  • Image processing applied to biometry.
  • Task automatization.
  • Programming in OS Linux.

  • News

    [24-Ago-2004] The stable face finder is done. A download version is available in the face detection page.
    [22-May-2004] The face features finder is almost done. A download version will be out soon.
    [12-Dez-2003] The segmentation is completed (ver 1.3). A download version is on the face recognition page.
    [30-Set-2003] The segmentation program is available for download (in fr page). Bug report is welcome.


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