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Some time ago I was chatting with a colleague. We came to talk about all the places where we met before. This is actually a nice aspect of doing research: going to meetings, workshops and conferences. To give an idea, I list all the cities I have lived in or visited. At the bottom I will try to put scheduled trips to conferences etc. My own:


Keywords: traveling around and seeing something of the world...

M = meeting; W = workshop; C = conference; ? = cannot remember

  • The Netherlands

    Venlo (home city), Eindhoven (study; C), Maastricht (study), Wageningen (study), Nijmegen (study), Rotterdam (M), Amsterdam (M), Den Haag (?), Groningen (CW)

  • Switzerland

    Lausanne (home city), Geneva (W), Zuerich (M), Martigny (W), Bern (M)

  • Portugal

    Faro (home city), Lisbon (MC), O Porto (C), Coimbra (M)

  • Belgium

    Leuven (W). Not much :-(

  • Denmark

    Aalborg (M). Not much :-(

  • France

    Paris (MC), Rennes (M), Nice (MC), Chamrousse - near Grenoble (W), Strasbourg (CM), Nimes (C), Marseilles (?)

  • UK

    London (M), Bristol (C), Cambridge (?), Durham (C), Nottingham (C), Aberdeen (W), Oxford (C), Aberystwyth (C)

  • Germany

    Muenchen (M), Muenster (M), Bad Nauheim (C), Dortmund (M), Koelln (?), Duesseldorf (M), Bochum (M), Berlin (M), Magdeburg (M)

  • Italy

    Lucca (C), Pisa (C), Firenze (C), Como (CC), Sanremo (C), Positano (C), Bari (C), La Spezia (M), Trieste (C), Venezia (C)

  • Spain

    Sevilla (?), Madrid (M), Peniscola (C)

  • Canada

    Montreal (M). This was the ONLY time that I left Europe!

    Nice and Aberystwyth
    Next: probably ICPR in Cambridge 2004

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