Local Information for CCA 2016

June 15-17, 2016, Faro, Portugal


CCA Programme (in PDF).

Booklet of abstracts (in PDF).

Conference venue

The conference will take place on the amphiteatre -1.A of building 9 of the Gambelas Campus at the University of Algarve, which is located around 6,5km from Faro.

CCA 2016 venue

Since there are no hotels near the Gambelas Campus, we advise the conference participants to find an accomodation in Faro's city center (see some suggestions of hotels below), where you can easily get public transportation to go to the Gambelas Campus.

The CCA 2016 organization have arranged a bus to transport the participants from downtown Faro to the Gambelas Campus, free of charge. Please check the timetable below.

bus timetable

Note that the bus will depart from the Garden Dr. Amadeu Ferreira de Almeida (see map below) and will only stop at the Gambelas Campus. Participants from nearby hotels should take the bus at this departure point.

bus stop

If you need to go to the Gambelas Campus from Faro at a different time, you can also take a bus from the local public transportation company, Próximo. The first bus stop in the Gambelas Campus is in front of the Faculty of Economics, where the conference will take place.

If you want to get to the Gambelas Campus from the airport, the best option is to take a taxi (the Gambelas Campus it is just 4km from the airport, but there is no direct connection between them through public transportation).

How to get to Faro

If you travel to Faro from another European country, the best option is probably to travel by airplane to Faro’s International Airport, which is located just 7 km from Faro. From there you can go to the city center by taking the bus line 16 (stop at Terminal Rodoviário) or 14 (goes to Faro, but not to the city center. The nearest stops of the city center are R. Dr. Cândido Guerreiro and R. Gen. Teófilo Trindade which stop at the streets with the same names and are about 15min. by foot from the city center). You can also get a taxi (it should cost around 12-15 Euros to go to Faro).

If you travel to Faro from a non-European country, it may not be possible to find a convenient and reasonably priced flight to Faro. Instead, you might have to travel to Lisbon's airport. Once you get there, you have two options to come from Lisbon to Faro by using public transportation:


Book early! The population of the Algarve nearly triples in the summer, and therefore it may be harder to find accommodation at reasonable prices. We recommend that conference participants stay lodged in Faro's city center. There are many restaurants in the city center or nearby, and one can easily get there a bus to the airport or to the Gambelas Campus. You will also be near the historical center. Some hotels in the area are:

Further Information

For further information, please contact

Organizing committee: Daniel Graça (University of Algarve), Rui Marreiros (University of Algarve)