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Activities :

Final Year Project Proposals:

1998/1999 - MOGA Robot System Idenfication (in Portuguese) (demo video 1.2Mb).
2000/2001 - Mobile Robot (in Portuguese), some figures here (view on Explorer :) ) .
2001/2002 - Service Robot (in Portuguese),
2003/2004 - DATMO (in Portuguese).
2004/2005 - NAVLINT (in Portuguese).
2004/2005 - ROBOTICA2005 (in Portuguese).

2005/2006 - NAVLINT PDF file (77 KBites). NOVO

If you are interested to learn and practice on robotics, e-mail me dcastro@ualg.pt.
New final year projects can be proposed for 2005/2006 in subjects like: autonomous indoor navigation, SLAM, etc. NOVO

Lecturing between 1998-2000:

Control Systems I, Control Systems II and Introduction to Robotics, (all in Portuguese).

Lecturing in 2001:

Control Systems I and Instrumentation, (all in Portuguese).

Lecturing in 2002:

Applied Mathematics , (all in Portuguese).

Lecturing in 2004:

Real Time Systems , (all in Portuguese).

Lecturing in 2005:

Intrudution to Embedded Systems , (all in Portuguese).

Main Interests:

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