The INLETS-D database compiles information available at CIMA on the tidal inlets of Ria Formosa (Portugal). The Ria Formosa is a multi-inlet barrier island system located in Southern Portugal. The system consists of five islands and two peninsulas separated by six tidal inlets: two relocated inlets (Ancão and Fuseta inlets), two artificially opened and stabilised inlets (Faro-Olhão and Tavira inlets) and two natural inlets (Armona and Lacém inlets). The embayment is characterised by large salt marshes, sand flats and a complex net of natural and partially dredged channels. The Inlets-D includes topo-bathymetric data and current velocity measurements compiled during the project IDEM- Inlet Dynamic, Evolution and Management of the Ria Formosa Inlets financed by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT, Ref. POCI/MAR/56533/2004). All the information within INLETS-D is available under request (Contact us) and can be visualised at Database.