Roadbook On-Board

The Roadbook On-Board is a system that allows the easy creation of roadbooks, through graphical description of routes, using reference points. The system is also able to present those routes automatically, as a navigation aid for the pilot. The presentation is made using video and audio aids. This system is composed by two applications, one for creating and editing, roadbooks and another to display them.

The source code hasn't been looked at since its typing, so I can't offer much support. Nevertheless, if you have any questions, send me an e-mail and I'll try to answer as soon as possible.

Below, you will find some screenshots, and the source code for the applications. Feel free to use that source code under the terms of the GPL (GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE).

Reduced version of a poster I used at the Technological Innovation Fair.

Roadbook Editor

Program that allows the creation/editing of the roadbooks. It's very easy to use. For each stage just add:

The print option is currently not working (one of the things that may be improved).

Roadbook Editor GUI
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You need to install Java Runtime Environment >= 1.4 and Swing. You also need to add the installation directory to the CLASSPATH environment variable.

Roadbook Reader

This is the program that presents the previously created roadbooks. You will need a sensor to read the movement from the vehicle, this may be a dedicated proximity sensor connected to the RS232 port or a mouse.

If you want to tweak around, here is some technical data, from the report, (in Portuguese) that you may find helpful:

Roadbook Reader GUI
Download Source

Software requirements

Hardware requirements

Visual aids

Paulo Ferreira, for his help with the personalized icons/images/poster;
André Romão, for his help with the inverter.