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Real-time V1 Keypoints

A short video showing the real-time GPU implementation of our model of double-stopped cells in V1 at multiple scales.

GPU keypoints

Facade Segmentation

A video showing the combination of several low-level segmenters using a probabilistic high-level model provided by the Bayesian Compositional Hierarchy. The best combination of regions from the evidence soup is selected and classified based on a set of valid facade models. Done together with Arne Kreutzmann

Facade segmentation

3D Wood Segmentation

Two videos showing segmentation of wood fibres. The first video shows the fibre segmentation process, starting with noise removal, following up with lumen detection and finally showing a detected fibre. The second video shows the detection of adhesive resin.

Fibre segmentation Resin detection

Interpreting Table Scenes

Two videos showing the interpretation process on table-setting scenes. The first video shows the tracking and object detection module which provides evidence. The second video shows a part of the interpretation process using the KONWERK tool and the final interpretation. Done together with Lothar Hotz

Tracking Interpretation